25 Years in Business

My name is NIGEL MORRIS i am a award winning pastry chef in Macclesfield .I showed an interest in cooking at an early age, I was advised to take a more 'sensible' path when it came to choosing options at school. Despite having to complete a metalwork course i eventually went on to follow my dream of being a patissier.

I stared my career in Prestbury at the age of 15, where i trained at the White House restaurant as a classical chef. After gaining 2 years experience in the trade i made the choice to specialise further. This decision took me to London, the only place offering an opportunity to a specialise in pastry/confectionary at the time. I travelled down to London, looking for a job as a patisser. Lady luck was shining on me that day and i was offered a job at the Royal Garden Hotel behind Kensington Palace, the newest 5 star hotel in London at the time.

Following my time in Kensington, i secured a position working for The Savoy Hotel where i undertook several years of intensive training. Here i had the opportunity to work with an array of international chefs, including nationals from Germany, France and Japan.

Hugh numbers of celebrities, starts of both stage and screen, frequented The Savoy, these included Elton John, Rod Stewart, Henry Cooper, foreign digitaries and even Her Majesty the Queen, on several occasions! On more than one of these occasions, i had the honour of creating delicacies petit fours, ice-cream and dipped fruit.

Whilst in London, i was also commissioned to do various work for the Roux brothers, making cakes and various other confectionary.

I then moved from The Savoy Hotel to The Intercontinental Hotel near Hyde Park, another new 5 star hotel, as a pastry chef. Here, James Bond/Roger Moore stayed to promote his latest film.

After turning at 21, i decided to join P&O Shipping as a pastry chef. This opened up a whole new world for me, quite literally. For approx 5 years i cruised around the world, working out of Southhampton, Sydney and Miami.

At 26, i arrived back in the UK and joined Shell UK Ltd in Manchester as the head pastry chef, where i worked for 2 years. I then made the choice to leave Shell to create my own business in Macclesfield.

Celebration Cakes on Cross St was then established and i resided there for approx 4 years. After this time i moved the business to the centre of town, 32 Sunderland St, where i has been for the last 20 years. My shop is painted in an unusual colour, pink! This reminds me of one of my favourite cruising destinationsNassau in the Bahamas and of the pink neckties worn by the commis chefs at the Savoy Hotel in London.

I always makes fresh and bespoke celebration cakes to order. As a classically trained chef, i only use good ingredients and i do not like to use E numbers, additives or preservatives.I make everything from an apple pie to a croquembouche and i am supplier of various gateaux to local catering establishments. My biggest selling item is my famous chocolate fudge cake, which i makes in many different sizes. My amazing fudge cakes have also been in big demand as wedding cakes. I pride myself on delivering a quality product toall my customers and i am renowned in the local area for my expertise. As demand is high, i appreciates customers to book early to avoid disappointment.